Mai's Story

Mai’s story

It was a rainy day on the road to Bellis, thunderstorms covered the sky and it was the sixth time the wizard had to change caves. Bear fighting was not his strong suit, he finished prestigitating his clothes made sure the cave was secure and heated up a few rocks like a light less campfire to last him for a while. The black silvanshee Mai followed suit with the prestidigitation.

“Well, it would appear this trip keeps getting worst and worst.” Lem repeated as he shivered using the heated rocks for warmth “Perhaps it would have been better if I didn’t let you talk me into you being the navigator.”

“Well at least I know what way north is.” Mai scoffed “Not my fault the map got ruined in the last cave.”

“Well now we will complete what I’ve started and we will probably die out here.” Lem stated silent tears fall down his cheeks “It’s hopeless, I knew I shouldn’t have done this. I don’t think I was meant for this life.”

“Would you can it.” Mai sensing the hopeless in his soul, being able to feel every ounce of it “Hey kid, stay with me here alright? I got a story for you.”

“Story? What kind of Story?” Lem asked “What kind of story could possibly have to better this situation.”

“How about Mai story.” Mai snicker as the play on words rolled out “I wasn’t always a cat.”

“Then what were you?” Lem asked

“I was a cleric of two patrons, you know one since you follow him. The other was a side gig with Shelyn. Let me give you the bits and pieces I remember.”

“I don’t remember the time but I remember growing up around Lastwall, a mighty fine place that was. Bastion against one of the most evil liches to exist. I remember tending to fields, having fun with other children the smell of the grass in springtime. Nature was at a beauty then, Naturally my first job was as a waitress in a bar. Didn’t like it but it paid for a bit until this beautiful woman dressed in the most elegant clothes walked in, she radiated with a beauty no one has ever duplicated. I knew two things at moment, I wanted to be her and I wanted to know where it came from.

Her name was Davia Windyl, a priestess of Shelyn who had come for a wedding ceremony. I must have spent weeks around her at first trying to understand but she had an aura that calmed people. Many would come to her for council in marriage and helping them to understand love. When she wasn’t she would be in the tavern singing songs about it or painting. A very classy woman indeed. Somehow I ended up in her entourage which took me to a temple.

There I became a cleric or priestess of Shelyn however my calling was not complete there. As a means of goodwill between the church of Shelyn and some Caydenites I also took on roles as a traveling priest. From there I learned to bestow love, art, beauty, music, freedom, ale and courage along the road.

From what I remember it was a nice life, an easy and relaxed one as well with both its ups and downs. It took me a long time to acquire power but that wasn’t why I did it. To me it was truly about the calling of spreading the tenets of my deities. So along came the day when a calling of the utmost importance came to me. A dream showing lovers in shackles, one as a prostitute and the other as a slave.

I don’t remember getting there but when I did I located them both and while I bought the mans freedom his wife was still enforced to do her job for the nobleman, a sick twisted one. I did as any good priest would, I broke her free. Of course this didn’t blow over so well. I remember the running, sprinting. I wasn’t good at fighting and too old to anyways at that point. Finally it came to me or the girl and deciding I would have the better chance she ran. Kid I was good back then but not good enough.

The last thing I remember was a white light and being asked if I had any regrets, the only one I could think of was not seeing that those were taken care of and could live happily ever after as Shelyn had wanted them too. The next was the laugh of a man asking if I still wanted to work and that’s when I found out I was in Nirvana as a freaking cat. Point of the story, never give up on the tings you want kid.”

Lem sat in silence thinking this story over and over.

Mai on the other drank the last of the ale… as she would be known for down. The Cat boozglar.



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