Session 13 - Return Trip

Excerpt from Jana’s adventure journal

We returned to the Conclave with the second group of wardstones. We were greeted by Aripha. We told her about everything that happened and then informed her we would be heading back to Bellis next to follow up on what we heard about the Taldorians coming into Bellis. She wasn’t pleased with us wanting to go to Bellis.

The girls and I had a nice bath that evening. We talked for over an hour and I got to know Lessi well for the first time. It was very enjoyable by all.

Soon, we went before the Conclave and made our report. I decided to avoid telling them we were wanting to go to Bellis without actually lying to them. Of course the witch made a big deal about it and tried goad me into anger. It didn’t work. We learned the elves and tree giant villages were attacked while we were gone. They repelled the invaders, but there were many casualties. There was also a report of a strange man being found and captured by the Conclave. This fellow had a talking cat familiar and was asking for Lessi. We took Lem with us back to our camp and had a chat with him. He was Lessi’s twin brother whom she never knew existed.

Later that evening a creature showed up from Lessi’s home and she had to go with her. Lessi needed to run the family or something and they left Lem with us. Lem’s a mage too, but is more socially awkward. His talking cat, Mai, seems to have all the personality in the two, as the cat is very forthright and doesn’t care about being rude as long as she gets her point across.

We went to sleep and our dreams were invaded by a nightmare spell. The queen sent a night mare of the Conclave grove being attacked, Aripha being cut down, and the rest of us dying to an overwhelming number of her creatures. It was very disturbing. In the end, after we died in the dream, she bade us a warning to leave the forest and no longer interfere with her plans. It was clear to me she was getting desperate."

Tomorrow we will head to Bellis while Deverre tries to gather the last stones from an acquaintance of his named the Mire Lord, a greater shambling mound creature who rules over the Twisted Mire. We were going to go in his stead, but at the last minute, Deverre decided it was best if he went first to try and reason with the Mire Lord. I wish him well.



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