Session 15 - One of Two

While the group was deciding their next moves, Telnarn arrived and bid them a dire warning; his divinations revealed that the Fellnight force would attack Bellis in mass in three days time. He urged them to seek an alliance with the Conclave, citing their current experiences would make them the perfect go between the them and the Andorans.

While this conversation took place, Lem conducted a scrying upon Devarre and found the druid beaten, injured and captured by spriggans within the Twisted Mire, the news of which disturbed Nevarr greatly.

Shortly after, Thomas met with the vile Ulfas Blust, the ranking magnate of the Lumber Consortium in Bellis. Within his luxurious office within the Consortium building in town, the man revealed to Thomas that he was hired by the Consortium for his magical abilities and skill in battle. Before Thomas lost his memories, Ulfas hinted that he was a cruel, no-nonsense individual who took pride his work, having once pulled the wings off of a sprite just for fun. Appalled by this apparent information, Thomas nonetheless attempted to reason with Ulfas and steer him in a direction the fey of the Verduran could tolerate, if not respect. Although at first the magnate rebuffed Thomas’ ideas, he eventually conceded that he’d ‘have the accountants run the numbers’ and then make any recommendations necessary. Lastly, Ulfas pulled two cards from his sleeves; a contract indicating Thomas time as a Consortium employee has six more months before completion, and he has named Thomas the Consortium’s official “representative” while this whole Fellnight mess is going on…if he’s not available, that is.

Thomas further found more clues regarding his past; one of the bankers of the Forester’s Endowments approached him and ‘reminded’ him of a withdrawal appointment he made some time ago. After some diplomatic expediency, Thomas was given the withdrawal; a sack of gold from his bank account and a strange black & red ring with a note attached to it in Aklo:

“Don’t let the voices drown out your soul. Tap the power only when you must, lest your eyes become forever red.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the group convened a council session in Bellis and convinced those present that an alliance with the Conclave was necessary for the town’s survival. Telnarn of course concurred and the council decided to send Elyin Ursage and Seynthia Whitevale to the Conclave (along with the characters) to ask for assistance with a verbal agreement.

The intrepid heroes then had one of two choices; immediately travel to the Conclave and beseech their aid, or immediately travel to the Twisted Mire and look for Devarre. After much deliberation and soul searching, the former action was chosen, much to Nevarr’s disagreement.

The group and their new traveling companions went to the nearest faerie-ring outside of Bellis and transitioned to the Conclave clearing. At the last moment, Nevarr slipped away from the teleportation and remained in Bellis, his focus upon the rescue of Devarre.



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