Session 16 - Return to the Conclave

Excerpt from Jana’s adventure journal

We used the last charge on the staff to return to the Conclave. Unfortunately, Nevarr decided to let go just as we were materializing out. It seems he decided to go in alone to look for his master in the Twisted Mire. I wish him luck and pray we meet him again alive. Eagle Knight Seynthia Whitevale and Elyin Ursage agreed to come back with us to the Conclave to plead for help in the upcoming attack on Bellis.

Surprisingly Gorn was there too. We had thought him dead. Orieus sent him and his men off on a suicide mission. It seems he survived and directly challenged Orieus for leadership. Not one of his own people would stand with him in this challenge, but thankfully, it was permitted for Jeriel to stand as Gorn’s second in the battle. It was a bloody fight, but Gorn and Jeriel won in the end. Orieus’s second had the good enough sense to surrender just before he lost his life, but Orieus was killed. Now we have a strong ally in the Riders and I believe the Riders have a much wiser leader.

Nearly immediately after winning his challenge, Gorn rescinded his people’s alliance with the Greenfires and called for an immediate vote to have them dismissed from the Conclave. The vote was half and half with my vote being the deciding. As much as I dislike those Greenfires, I’m forced to see the bigger picture: I’d rather keep them close than have them join up with the Fellnight Queen and add to our growing list of enemies. I voted to have them stay, though I really hope this was the right call in the end.

The Conclave meeting was called to order shortly there after. I delivered the bad news about the woodland lodge group and about the forecasted attack on Bellis. I tried to convince the Conclave to help. Elyin and the eagle knight were permitted to speak. They were moving and convincing, however the tree giants, fey court, greenfires, and treants refused to vote without the woodland lodge present. Thankfully, the blink dogs and the centaurs agreed to help regardless of what the Conclave decides. So we do have some help, but we really need to rescue Deverre if we are to get the remaining help.

The unicorns have offered to teleport my group to the Twisted Mire to start the rescue attempt. Kira the harpy will be coming with us and I’m hopeful Bluebell will come to. If Nevarr is going to the mire, then it will take him half a day to get there. With the unicorn’s help we might be able to get there ahead of him or about the same time. I pray we are in time to rescue our friends.



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