Session 17 - Twisted Mire

Excerpt from Jana’s adventure journal

We’ve arrived in the Twisted mire. I expected it to be a bit humid, dirty, and bug infested, but damn, it feels fifteen degrees hotter here than in the rest of the forest. I expected to be cold and wet. Perhaps the extra heat comes from all the rotting vegetation. I suppose being hot and constantly annoyed by swarms of biting insects is better than cold and wet. I passed out the vermin repellent to the gang and that helps a bit, but not enough. The smell of the repellent mixed with the bog odor is nauseating.

We found Serin’s corpse. Poor guy was riddled with thorns and bleeding wounds. We also found Bluebell and Gribble, but they were alive. it seems Deverre came with Serin, Bluebell, Gribble and Nevarr’s master. I had thought they would come with more woodland lodge druids, but apparently not. From what Bluebell says, they were ambushed by an entire army as soon as they arrived. Serin and Deverre held them off while the others tried to escape. Serin died a hero’s death, but his loss will still be missed. We collected his belongings to return to his kin. He had some large cold iron arrows on him, maybe we can make use of them as short spears. I might keep those for that purpose.

We met up with the mire lord, the creature was smaller than i would have thought. While his shambling mounds are all the size of ogres, he is about the size of a man. He’s like a man sized shambling mound only more humanoid in appearance. Considering how much nature is supposed to hate the humans who logged in the mire, why nature would try to emulate human form in creating the mire lord is perplexing. Though perhaps nature simply used one of the dead loggers as a template for their creation? Who knows. While he seems to want to remain neutral in our conflict, he had agreed to help harbor the a creature called Bramblethorn and his the fellnight armies in this area and keep the ward stones safe if they promised to destroy all the humans in Bellis.

We convinced him of the fellnights wish only to twist and corrupt the natural land with their fell magics. We have successfully negotiated a favorable deal with the mire lord. If we clean out the undead in Blackstone keep, an old Consortium keep in the mire, then he will eliminate the fell night army in his lands, give us the ward stones, and help us find Deverre. Its a deal too good to pass up.

Next stop, Blackstone keep.



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