Session 18 - The Battle of Bellis

Excerpt from Jana’s adventure journal

War. As I look around the battlefield at the endless lines of dead, I feel sick in my heart. I know this battle wasn’t over politics or resources, but over our right to exist here in this land. The enemy were monsters who would have slain every one down to the last helpless babe had we not fought. We had no choice, so I tell myself. We made plenty of mistakes in these past few days, I made plenty of mistakes. Thankfully the gods granted us enough luck and skill to overcome those mistakes and pull off a victory. It was a costly victory, I don’t know how many died, but to many died as heroes.

There were many small encounters for us. First one was with those plant gargoyles who tried to drop some magic fish who swallowed a whole lake of water and who knows what else. Lem took care of that fish with an ingenious combination pit spell and wall of force. Squished the fish flat before the harpies could burst him and release whatever was inside.

Next encounter was inside the honey wall. A squad of spriggians were bursting open the bee hives while a druid disguised as a small bird whipped the bees into a frenzy. It took us to long to spot the bird, credit goes to Nevarr who put us on the track with that bird. Lem had to fireball the massive swarm they were whipping up. Sadly we killed about a third or more of all the bees in Bellis. Honey production will suffer but should recover in a few seasons.

Our next encounter was one that never should have been. The redcap we captured prisoner had escaped from jail thanks to some fellnight pixies. The redcap and his liberators went through town carving up militia and civilian alike. We tracked him down at Winmede’s Remedies where he murdered the injured and helpless who had been taken there. I sent Gina up to the roof to go in the second floor while the rest of us went in the first floor. I don’t remember much of that battle since i was hit with a sleep arrow, but they tell me Gina nearly died in there but was kept alive thanks to Mai’s repeated healing support. In the end, she choked him to death as Tom and the rest cleaned up. Winmede and his daughter were the only survivors.

The final encounter was in the town square. The Bramblemaster himself made an appearance. He blocked off both ends of town with thorn walls while a squad of elite spriggians popped out. The spriggians for the most part fell quickly, but their commander wore heavy armor. He nearly sliced me in half and he killed Tom. I finished him off, but I blame myself. If I had not kept Gina from attacking him directly, he would have fallen before Tom died. Jeriel also blames himself for not protecting Tom better. Who is to say which if us is to blame or if any of us are? Tom died a hero, one of many heroes who died today.

Devarre and his druids showed up soon after and forced the bramblemaster to flee. He got away to fight another day.

With this victory the war is going in our favor, but it’s not over yet.



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