Session 20 - Assault on Thorndome

Excerpt from Jana’s adventure journal

Yesterday, we successfully attacked the thorn dome covering the portal to the fellnight realm. We are currently camped on the other side of the portal in the shadowy realm. There is a coldness about this place, a coldness not of temperature. It feels like my very will to live is being sapped out of me and every shadow holds some creature ready to pounce. None of the men were able to rest well, but we managed.

The battle yesterday went as well as we could have hoped, though I’m lucky to have survived. At the border of the dome, we fought the Bramblemaster. He was covered in a wind spell that made ranged attacks useless and he was under the effect of a air walk making melee attacks useless to those who couldn’t fly. He mainly rained lighting down at us. I was told he was a creature known as a Woodwose. Vinroot tried to attack him, but creatures and weapons made of wood could not go near him.

It was the new guy, a ranger who joined up with us the other day, Valarr Dasanio who was the hero of this battle, though Nevarr made a very good effort. Valarr had a hippogriff and was able to fly up to the Bramblemaster and smack him hard enough times with his shield to do some real damage. After i realized Gina and I couldn’t do anything to the Bramblemaster, we stood back and kept guard over Devarre, Corsei, and Aripha while they used their magics to make a hole in the thorn dome.

All in all it worked and we made it through to the hillock with the portal. There we saw Corsei’s mother who looked withered and shadowy evil. She had this aura of pollen around her and any who came near got a serious case of hay fever. We had to keep Devarre, Corsei, and Aripha safe while Devarre maintained his own barrier around the hillock and the other two got on opposite sides of the corrupted Warden and sent a beam of positive energy into her.

As they worked, creatures emerged from the portal. Gina and Jerel guarded Aripha while Lem, Me and Nessa kept near Devarre. Varlarr, his hipogriff, and Nevarr were sort of near Corsei, but they weren’t really close enough to guard her properly when a giant corrupted lightning treant came through the portal and smacked Corsei. Nevarr at least put himself between Corsei after the first hit but Varlarr and the hipogriff were tangled up in some conjured weeds and couldn’t help much.

I knew what I had to do. Corsei couldn’t take to many hits and maintain her spell and my bullets were doing shit against the treant’s tough hide. I had to get his attention. I rode out, grabbed my hatchets in my hands, and flanked with Nevarr. I climbed up onto the treant and started chopping at his joints, eyes, and any other place I knew would do the most damage. I seriously chopped him up good, I even got two lucky hits that split him deep right along the wood grain. However, the treant had a bit of luck too. I didn’t see it coming nore did I feel it. All just went black.

I should have died, but it seems my luck is stronger than the treants. I woke up a little while later buried deep in a hole with Nevarr applying healing magic to me. Apparently while I was out, the others forced a shade of Roswen out of the Warden and destroyed it. Sadly, the stress upon the old warden was to much. She gave us a gem that could lead us to Roswen and protect us from the worst of her power then said good by to her daughter and died.

Tomorrow we are going to use that gem and find Roswen. We need her staff to complete the seal on this realm and I suspect we will have to pry it out of her cold dead hand.



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