Race: Fey (Pixie)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Size: Small
Character Class(es): Bard
Description: Bluebell has blue hair, blue butterfly wings and is usually seen nude or wearing blue, see-through cloth
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Deity: Unknown
Motivations: Unknown
Personality: Flirty, mischievous, fun
Affiliation(s): Verduran Fey Court
Main Location: Verduran Forest


Blubell is a flirty and mischievous, if loyal pixie that’ taken a shining to the group. Originally sent to watch and aid the PCs during their quest to regain the wardstones by the Verduran Fey Court, Bluebell has earned a reputation as a trustworthy, if flighty, companion that appears and disappears at random. She is easily recognized by her usually nude appearance and blue hair/wings.


Ascendancy Gromnar