Reclusive druid of the Verduran Forest


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Size: Medium
Character Class(es): Druid
Description: This middle-aged human man appears every bit the hermit he’s made out to be. His clothes are earth-coloured and ragged and he has a long, green beard and greenish skin, thanks to his close ties with nature
Alignment: Unknown; pressumed good
Deity: The Green
Motivations: Protect the Verduran
Personality: Helpful, respectful
Affiliation(s): The Wildwood Lodge
Main Location: Somewhere in the Verduran Forest


Devarre is a high-ranking druid of the Wildwood Lodge and lives as a reclusive but wise hermit deep in the Verduran forest near a site of powerful sorcerery. He has spent years studying three monoliths created by the fey of the First World, and learning the story of Queen Rhoswen and her imprisonment.

Unforunately, this curious nature made him a prime target for the Queen upon the moment of her freedom. She sent a minion, a unique will-o’-wisp named Gossamere to possess the druid and have him destroy the monoliths. Thankfully, Devarre lacked the power to do so and was saved by the characters when they searched him out at the request of the town council of Bellis and the dryad Fira. They drove Gossamere from his body and restored him to health.


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