Malevolant Will-o'-wisp


Race: Will-o’-wisp
Gender: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Size: Small
Character Class(es): Unknown
Description: A white ball of light, surrounded by a purple glow
Alignment: Unknown; pressumed evil
Deity: Unknown
Motivations: Unknown; assuming serving Queen Rhoswen
Personality: Evil, sadistic, cruel
Affiliation(s): The Fellnight Realm
Main Location: Merged with Werion the Wild


The evil will-o’-wisp Gossamere is a unique one of its kind from the Fellnight Realm. Its purpose is not very clear, but it was encountered having possessed the druid Devarre and caused him to murder his own animal companion and attempt to destroy the monoliths the druid was guarding. It was forced out of Devarre by the characters when they detected something amise with the druid’s personality.

A couple of days later, it was revealed that Gossamere then possessed Werion the Wild and had the barbarian attack his allies while they were at Dead Man’s Drop. Through as of yet unknown means, Werion well unconcious when his allies attempted to subdue him.

Both Werion and Gossamere have been a state of spendid hybernation since this time, and the leaders of the Conclave are currently attempting to figure out why.


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