Merrick Iolandi

Foresthawk Ranger


Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Size: Medium
Character Class(es): Monk 2/Ranger 3
Description: Merrick was the perfect combination of both his parent’s lineage. He was handsome, dark-haired and fair.
Alignment: Unknown
Deity: Unknown
Motivations: Advocating and advancing the cause of the Foresthawks
Personality: Passionate, prideful
Affiliation(s): Highgrove Vale, Foresthawks, the Conclave
Main Location: Deceased (Formerly Highgrove)


Merrick was a half-elf, the half-brother to Tess’ara. His history was a tragic one, his mother and father killed by dark folk in their small cottage during the night, while a young Merrick witnessed it in hiding. Since that time, the half-elf had dedicated his life to hunting the vile creatures, even after he was taken in by his half-sisters family.

He was a relatively young man, having experience in the rangers of Highgrove Vale and the Foresthawks. Along with his sister and hired adventurers, he had previously traveled to the ruined temple of Calistria to rescue his mentor Elyin Ursage from dark folk.

Most recently, Merrick and his sister volunteered to escort the characters back to the ruined temple to find obtain the second group of wardstones needed to imprison the Fellnight Queen. While doing so, Merrick apparently committed murder-suicide after killing the dark folk leader and then willingly dying in the creature’s death throws.

After his death, Tess’ara revealed a terrible truth. Ever since she’s known him, which was after the death of their father and step mother by the Dark Folk, Merrick has long since wanted to kill the one personally responsible, which she assumes is the Dark Slayer he killed. He’s always said it was his destiny, and has been haunted by his parent’s death, since it happened when he still a child. Previously he had talked about ending his pain after he completed his task, and Tess’ara tried to find him help. For a time, he stopped referencing this and she thought he had abandoned the thought, but she’s turned out to be wrong. Merrick always blamed himself for the loss of his parents and has had uncanny bad luck since those days.

Out of Character

Special thanks to Neil Spicer’s lore for the Foresthawks.

Merrick Iolandi

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