Oreius Dawnsprinter

Leader of the Riders of Verduran


Race: Centaur
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Size: Large
Character Class(es): Fighter
Description: Large, intimidating and somewhat wild-looking, Oreius wears ornate armor and appears like a deadly warrior
Alignment: Unknown
Deity: Unknown
Motivations: Unknown; pleasing (or serving) Celilia Greenfire
Personality: Arrogant, impatient, honorific
Affiliation(s): Riders of the Verduran, The Conclave
Main Location: Verduran Forest (Deceased)


Oreius is the current leader of the Riders of the Verduran, a large centaur tribe that roams the north and western part of the Verduran Forest. The centaur is quick to anger and take offense, and it is easily noticed that he takes his direction from the leader of the Greenfire Covenant, Celilia, at once a staunch enemy.

Like Celilia, he advocated joining the Fellnight Fey to banish the humans in encroaching on the forest. He’s offered a token force to fight them, unless the Blackbark orc tribe gets involved.

Oreius then sent his second in command, Gorn Swifthoof, on a sucicide mission to silence his opposition to his alliance with the Greenfire Covenant. Gorn survived this mission when all thought he had perished and returned to challenge Oreius for leadership of the Riders. He named Jeriel as his second and a duel ensued between Oreius and Gorn and Jeriel and Oreius’ second. In the end, Oreius was killed and Gorn has become the new leader of the Riders of the Verduran.

Oreius Dawnsprinter

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