Warden Corsei

New Warden of the Fellnight Realm


Race: Fey
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Size: Medium
Character Class(es): Unknown
Description: Corsei looks like a humanoid woman, her form made up of vines, grass and flowers.
Alignment: Unknown. Pressumed neutral.
Deity: Unknown
Motivations: Guard the Warden’s Hillock and prevent further incursions by the Fellnight Queen
Personality: Serious, apprehensive, slow to trust
Affiliation(s): Verduran Fey Court
Main Location: Warden’s Hillock


Corsei is the new Warden that now guards the Warden’s Hillock in the north western Verduran Forest. Her mother, Warden Halia, had been grooming her daughter to take upon this charge once she was ready to be able enforce that protection properly. Unforunately, Warden Halia became possessed and corrupted by a shade of Queen Rhoswen who forced her daughter from the hillock.

Corsei found succor in the Verduran Fey court and warned them of Halia’s strange behaviour, and crafted the Trust of the Bloduwedd for the PCs to travel through the Verduran forest on the behest of the Fey Court. She then assisted the C onclave in an unknown capacity.

When the corruption and possession of Halia became known, Corsei lead the effort to free her mother from Rhoswen’s evil influence. Halia was freed by the combined efforts of Corsei, the PCs, and the nymph Aripha. Using positive energy channeled directly from these two fey creatures, Rhoswen’s shade was forced from Halia’s body where it was then slain by Jeriel.

Unforunately, Halia soon died after the shade was removed, the corruption already have taken hold. She then gave the group the Shadow Emerald, a previously unknown ‘fail safe’ crafted by the First World fey to use against Rhoswen should she ever escape. Halia also named her daughter Corsei the new Warden of Warden’s Hillock before her form crumbled to dust, a duty the young Bloduewedd takes very seriously.

Warden Corsei

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