Werion the Wild

Ill-fated hero


Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 115
Size: Medium
Character Class(es): Barbarian 7
Description: Feral, with an intelligent sparkle in his eyes
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Unknown
Motivations: Protect the Verduran forest
Personality: Intelligent, if wild
Affiliation(s): None
Main Location: Unknown (pressumed with the Fey Court)


Werion was born to a family of elves of little note within the Tanglebriar forest of Kyonin, as a child he was a rambunctios and incredibly curious sort. Always getting into places he shouldn’t and causing no end of trouble for his family and himself.

His curiosity lead to him getting lost in the woods on several occasions while he was growing up, finding places forgotten by the elves and spending an inordinate time alone in the woods.

Unlike most of his kind, Werion didn’t find joy in the arts, what time he didn’t spend getting lost in the woods he spent at the militia barracks, watching, and as he grew, training with the militiamen. Focusing on fist-fighting, Werion, without a weapon, usually won his spars against the other, armed, trainees.

Werion followed this cycle till halfway through his 26th summer, where he was once again traipsing through the woods, looking for the lost and never found. He was deep in an uninhabited portion of the Tanglebriar, when a strange feeling pervaded his senses. Following the feeling to its source, he found a waterfall with a small cave hidden behind it. Entering the cave, he noticed it split into two different tunnels, one of which had a soft glow emanating from it. He followed the glow till he came into a cavern, in the middle of was a small marble pedastal covered by a nearly decayed rag, under which the source of the glow was resting, shining through the ruined portions of the old cloth.

Removing the cloth, a river-smoothed rock with a strange rune was revealed to Werions blue eyes. Never one to deny his own curiosity, he reached out and picked it up. As soon as he touched the rock, he felt a massive presence invading his mind, and the last thing he heard before losing conscience thought was a beast growling lowly in his mind.

Werion awoke to the smell of blood. His heart thumping in his chest, he gained his bearings, and realized he was surrounded by deer corpses outside of the waterfall. Feeling a strange weight on his brow, he reached up and felt the river-smoothed rock, held in place by vines and leaves that wrapped around his head. His attempts to remove it proved futile.
Cleaning himself of the blood from the deer, he noticed his reflection in the pond, more specifically, his eyes, which had turned to a beastial yellow in color, the pupil now a cat like slit. Gasping in surprise he noticed his teeth had changed as well, his mouth now full of the razor sharp fangs of a predator.

Perturbed, he found his way back to his village and searched for a wizard, obviously some magic had been wrought upon him. After finding one, he asked him to examine the stone affixed to his brow, and was dissapointed when the wizard told him there was no arcane energy emanating from the rock.

Returning to the Militia barracks slightly frustrated, he gets into a spat with one of the more well-to-do trainees, which ends with the two in the sparring circle, insults and taunts being thrown by both sides before the fight. A rather lewd comment about his mother makes Werion see red, the low growl of a beast resounding in his skull. The rune on the stone glows bright and balls of light spill from it, smacking into his opponent, his suddenly clawed hands find purchase in his foes gut while he is distracted, spilling his intestine on the ground, and Werion is rapidly removed from his agressor.

Unfortunately, the young man recovered from the incident, and his family has enough clout within the village to banish Werion.

Werion would spend the next several decades roaming the forests and living off the land. Fighting with the wildlife to keep himself sharp, and wrestling bears for sport. He took up meditation to try and control the sudden rages he was afflicted by, and would spend days in one spot trying to attain mental balance. Try as he might he never found that waterfall cave again, and had no idea what to do about the stone affixed to his forhead. He eventually found his way to the Verduran forest.

Weriod, age 115, secludes himself in a grove deep within the forest for eight years, trying to master himself to the best of his abillities, to prevent harming an innocent during his beastial rages. When he felt he had control, he departed from the grove and wandered the forest.

One day during his wanderings he noticed a band of brigands staking out one of the roads that meander through the forest, concealing himself to the best of his abillity, he watched them for some time before a half-elf man appeared on the road, walking straight into the ambush.

Werion, not being one to let a single man face such a large group, let loose his rage and broke from the tree line, tackling one of the brigands from behind. He and the half-elf fought fiercely until what remained of the bandits began to flee.

Werion introduced himself to the man who told him his name was Elyin Ursage. Not falling into the prejudice against half-breeds that most of his race share, Werion and Elyin became fast friends. Fearing that the bandits may regroup and try their hand against some unsuspecting travelers again, Werion and Elyin hunted down the one who had fled.

Werion and Elyin would remain in contact for the next two years. Werion would stop by Bellis on occasion to talk, and Elyin would sometimes run into him in the woods surrounding the town. When Elyin was to be married, Werion received an invitation to his friend’s wedding, and this is where he assisted the PCs and Bellis against Tenzekil’s disruption of that ceremony. He traveled with the group to find out about the emerging Fellnight threat and participated in encountering the treant Vinroot and freeing the druid Devarre from the possession of the malevolant will-o’-wisp named Gossamere.

Unforunately for Werion, Gossamere possessed the barbarian after being driven out of the druid’s body. During the group’s first visit to Dead Man’s Drop, Gossamere used Werion to attack his allies, but something went wrong. Both Gossamere and Werion became impassive and entered a form of suspended hibernation, where neither could act and Werion’s body becam inert, but still alive.

Since this time, Gossamere/Werion have been given to the care of the Fey Court as they search for a possible solution to removing this binding. The rare moss known as Spirit Moss may be vital to restoring Werion to his original condition.

Werion the Wild

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