Keeper's Mantle


Aura strong transmutation; CL 8th
Slot shoulders; Weight 1 lb.

Large eagle feathers decorate the back and arms of this magnificent cape. A modified eagle cape, this inherited item is passed to worthy Grippli. Should the cape’s wearer fall more than 5 feet, the cape spreads out behind the wearer and she gently drifts to the ground. This acts exactly like a feather fall spell for the wearer only. Once per day, if the wearer grasps the edges of the cape and spreads her arms, she transforms into an eagle (as per the beast shape I spell, except that it allows only eagle form and the wearer gains the eagle’s full fly speed of 80 feet). This effect lasts for 10 minutes but can be ended prematurely as a standard action. In addition, while in eagle form, the wearer gains a +5 competence bonus on Perception checks. The cape also provides a +2 resistance bonus on saves and a +2 bonus on handle animal checks.


Deep in the Mwangi Jungle live the Grippli, hunter-gatherers subsisting on large insects and fish found near their homes, and largely unconcerned about events outside their swamps. Split across numerous tribes like the Broken Rock, Fallen Tree, and Scattered Water they elect individuals known as Keepers. Tribe members who act as protectors against the exotic and deadly flora and fauna of the jungle. These guardians are often the first and last line of defense against these dangerous creatures, and are said to possess extreme fortitude and supernatural abilities tied to their respective homes.

The Mantle of the Keeper is one of the few tools afforded these hunters. Sewn from carefully gathered silk strands found in Leafsong Moth’s cocoons, dyed in inks made from mashed roots and berries, and blessed by a tribe’s elder they are handed down generation to generation when a Keeper retires, or more likely falls in the line of duty.

Keeper's Mantle

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