Thunderous Vintage

Relic of Cayden


Aura moderate transmutation; CL 12
Slot -; Weight 1 lb.

This elegant wine chalice is made of strong pewter, etched with images of grapes. The base of chalice has a small hole which allows you slip it through a belt for easy carrying. You gain a +1 resistance bonus on Fortitude and Will saves as long as its in your possession. On command, the chalice fills with a sweet tasting wine. When emptied by drink only (not by pouring the contents into another contanier), it can be refilled again with another command word. Once per day, an individual who drinks from it may gain the benefits of a remove fear spell.

If you worship Cayden Cailean, the chalice counts as a holy symbol. Once per day, you may drink the wine from the chalice to gain the benefits of a heroism spell. Once per day, the chalice automatically unties ropes that bind you or unlocks locks that hinder you (including loosening manacles attached to said locks). This typically occurs about 5 minutes after the tying or unlocking and only affects bindings that are directly on your person (for example, it won’t unlock a door to your prison cell but will unlock your manacles). This power is subtle enough that it is unnoticeable unless someone checks the bindings to make sure they are secure — ropes loosen but still appear to be tightly bound, manacles unlock and loosen but do not automatically fall off. The chalice can only untie or unlock things with a DC of 25 or lower.

In addition, once per day, on command, the you can slam the chalice against the ground, releasing a concussive wave of sonic and force energy. This does not harm the chalice and creates a 20-foot radius burst centered on you. While it causes no damage, those within the burst must succeed at a DC 19 Fortitude save or fall prone and be deafened for 1d4 rounds. The wielder is unaffected by this blast. This effect is a force and sonic effect.


This holy chalice is an heirloom from his family’s home, a treasure that has been passed down from parent to child for several generations. Until recently, Kalid didn’t know of its religious significance. After meeting Revas Benwold, he has come to realize the family heirloom is in fact a potent symbol of Cayden Cailean’s faith.

Thunderous Vintage

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