Trust of the Blodeuwedd

Gift of the Ley Lines


This three-foot long, interwoven solid vine looks to have a pale blue finish in certain lighting. Six flowers, three red and three white, originally sprouted from random places from the vine.


This precious gift was given to the group by the Blodeuwedd Warden Corsei, at the behest of the local Fey Court, to assist them in their vital task of gathering the missing wardstoens of the faengard.

Normally, non-fey, especially those who are not in touch with nature, would never be gifted with such a powerful item. It is woven and created using the Blodeuwedd’s own vines that make up her body.

The Trust of the Blodeuwedd can allow anyone who uses it, including multiple people, to to travel the ley lines that cross the world. In this instance, the Fey have limited their use to the Verduran Forest.

Users must all stand in the centre of a faerie ring and each hold the vine. Once done, they will feel the locations of all ley lines around them. Once the destination is chosen, one of the group simply wills themself there and they shall appear in the centre of the destination faerie ring instantly. After this is complete, one flower will fall from the vine.

During Session 15, the last flower was expended at the Trust of the Blodewedd crumbled to dust.

Trust of the Blodeuwedd

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