Lem's Journal
The scribblings of a worried man

18 Erastus 4713

Journal entry
After being held by Fey and prank straight for two days, it was a pleasant sight to see my sister for the first time. Mai had to rub it in that we would find her navigating while being lost. It makes me nervous to think about what this people and war are up to. Jana the Red who seems to have taken charge of my sisters party group. It was shocking at first but I think I will have to get used to them.

Because Rin betrayed me, they always do. I should have known her service to my family was more important than me getting a brief chance to understand my sister. Now I have to take Lissi’s duties as my own. Even worst Peter left a note saying ‘welcome to the runic banner Lem of House Typhos’ on the back of the planar ally spell scroll. Now I’m alone, Mai at least is making friends.

Session 12 - What is and What is Not

Excerpt from Jana’s adventure journal

Poor Tessa. How could Merrick hate his sister so much as to kill himself like that and force her to carry his smelly, charred body all the way back home. Such a waste.

After a few moments, I called everyone’s attention to the fact there was still one more darkling in the dark room. We pulled back and waited for the two walls of fire to flush him out.. or so I tried to get them to do.

Thankfully, the last one surrendered. He seemed to be the group’s shaman or alchemist. He surrendered and told us about where the stones were in exchange for his life. We chatted, did some fair trading in his workshop and then continued on, making sure to lock him in his shop.

The next challenge waited for us down the hall. We encountered a cloaker beast. This flying cloak creature had the ability to cast simple illusions. At first, he hid on the celing and made an illusion of a shadow creature. We rushed in and killed the illusion only for it to pop up again. We killed him again and then a third time before Lessi realized it was an illusion we were attacking. Then suddenly, the cloaker beast dropped from the ceiling with three illusions of itself, a mirror image spell. It fought well, but we prevailed with little difficulty. Gina shined in that fight, I think she cracked its skull with all the punches she delivered.

Further down the hall we came to another large room. Part of the room was worked stone and the other part was an underground spring. We found where the well went to and where the wardstones were. Gina, Nevarr, and I prepared ourselves and dove into the water. We didn’t find a water elemental this time, like we did at the deadman’s fall. This time we found an actual shadow creature under the water. I took the brunt of the damage while Gina and Nevarr smacked it about with flurry attacks. I nearly died, it nearly sapped all my strength and I needed Gina to help me swim. Nevarr dove down and retrieved all of the ward stones at the bottom without any other problem.

We had our objective, but we weren’t finished. On the other side of the spring was another door. We decided to explore. There we found a throne room of sorts that was the tomb of an ancient undead creature who had been there since Earthfall, a woman who had tried to steal something from Calistra and was punished with being stuck there. She froze us all with some spell, all but Nessa and Tom. I wasn’t sure what they were doing, but they seemed to negotiate some deal with the ancient creature. Apparently, Nessa was the one prophesied to come and fulfil the creature’s debt to Calistra.

Nessa and Tom needed to fix all the changed statues in the temple, especially the big one in the chapel. When they did that, the cryptkeeper released us and teleported Nessa back to some hidden treasure room where Nessa received a bunch of loot, including the same whip the creature tried to steal ages ago and was punished for. We were really pissed at the cryptkeeper. her spell that paralyzed us slowly was killing us too. Lessi went unconscious from the spell. So, while the creature was asking Calistra to let her die we left the chamber. Just as Calistra’s voice said ‘no’ and the creature cried out in anguish, we sealed her back up in the chamber and marked the door so no one will want to open it again. Hopefully the creature evil creature will be stuck there for another several centuries.

Session 11 - Cave Stones

excerpt from Jana’s journal

.. then on the second day of travel, after we destroyed the ogres in the barricade, we found the tunnels Merrick and Tess told us about. When we first arrived, we could hear the buzzing of the giant wasps near by. There were to tunnels in the side of the hill, one had mist coming out of it. We chose that one first.

The first tunnel lead to a small room with a well, guarded by a single earth elemental we dispatched quickly. There was about three feet of water in the well, but under that the way was blocked save for a small opening. The mists seemed to be coming out from there thought there was no way to tell how far down it was or how much the way twisted and turned. It was clear we had to find another way.

There was only one other tunnel and that’s the way we went. This tunnel lead us to a open cave filled with honeycombs and giant wasps. We wisely used smoke on the wasps and successfully snuck by them to a small tunnel on the side of the open nest area. It became clear to us the wasps were living in an old deserted temple of Calistra. There were reliefs on all the walls of elves in various positions, some I didn’t even know existed and I grew up in a Westcrown whore house!

In the center of the chapel we saw a large changed statue of Calistra behind an altar. We didn’t make much of it at first, but it would become important later on.

There were status of Calistra about too, but oddly all had been changed to resemble some elven woman, we assumed it was a likeness of the Fellnight Queen. In these inner tunnels, we also found a different kind of resident – darklings. Merrick says as drow are to elves and drugar are to dwarves, darklings are to humans. They can see in darkness including magical darkness and can cast darkness at will. The stronger ones can cast deeper darkness at will. In addition to that, when they die, the buggers explode! I kid you not. The lesser ones just blind you with a flash of light, but the greater ones blow up like a fireball.

We encountered several of them, most were pretty easy to take down once we turned on the lights and could see them. We were doing well and making good progress through the temple’s tunnels. Then we encountered one of the greater darklings who could cast deeper darkness. We had no defense. There we were, in a lit hallway next to a pitch dark room. From the dark room, someone tossed acid and bombs at us while another cast spells. Several more of the lesser darklings stood inside their darkness and stabbed at us.

We finished off the lesser ones easy, but the greater one was untouchable. He shot diamond like shards from his hand which cut through all of us. We were all very injured. I tried to get everyone away from the doorway to the dark room, but they never seemed to move. Tom created two walls of fire on either side of the room and turned the room into an oven which successfully flushed out the greater darkling – under a cloak of greater invisibility! He fired another spray of diamond like shards through our ranks and nearly dropped Tom. Tom managed to purge his invisibility and the rest of us dropped the greater darkling with ranged attacks.

We breathed a sigh of relief. We thought the worst was over. We were wrong. Merrick.. the bloody fool, he goes over to the unconscious greater darkling, pushes him away from the rest of us then with a look of insanity on his face, stabs the creature dead. The greater darkling blows up like a fireball instantly killing Merrick! He knew what he was doing and he committed suicide! I still can’t believe what happened. What a waste. What a bloody waste….

Journal of Thomas Uristral

((The purpose of this thread is to act as a collection of thoughts and reflections of the character Thomas Uristral after each weekly session of Ascendancy, in tandem with assorted information about the character for public consumption. Most entries will be titled by a new ‘verse’ of a poem that reflects Tom’s individual story that I’ll be writing as the campaign progresses. Entries that contain information about him from a purely meta perspective will not be given such a header. Below contains a summary of Thomas’s opinion on various characters. Statements are made in first person, as if a neutral, trusted party asked Tom what he thought of the person. This particular entry will be updated and maintained as the campaign progresses – no new posts will contain this particular meta-information. More characters will be added as further interaction allows for Tom to have enough of an opinion about the characters to actually form into a detailed thought.))

Verse #1 – Cast out, repressed. With nothing to remind me of who I really am but the memory of that smiling face, as cold steel pierced my heart.

Character Relationships – Thomas Uristral; Players

Gina – “You mean the girl Jana bosses around? Hmm… to be honest I don’t really have all that strong of an opinion of her. She isn’t unpleasant, really… she just, I don’t know, is? She reminds me more of an automaton than a person, really. At my best, I don’t think I could act as stoic as she does at her worst. In a way, I admire that kind of self control. I can’t help but wonder if that’s what it really is, though.”

Jana – “Well, she’s the defacto leader of the band of adventurers that pulled me off the river bank. Pretty little thing, scary with those firearms of hers, though. Kind of drains some of the feminine charm from a woman when she can point a metal box at you and blow your head up, I suppose. She’s fair with her band, and they respect and look to her for guidance. She seems like a good person, though I can’t really say I’ve spoken to her enough to really get a strong impression of her, yet. She’s a little aloof, in that sort of way. Seems like a bit of a thrill seeker… well, more than the typical adventurer, at least.”

Jeriel – “Jeriel is a hard man to read. The most obvious thing about him, something I’ve come to respect quite a bit, is he really just wants everyone to get along. Beyond that, though, figuring out his personality has been sort of like figuring out how many stars there are in the sky, or how many hairs are on my own head. He’s definitely more of an individual than Jana’s girl, I’ll say that much, but he seems kind of… reserved in general conversation, to the point where it’s hard to get a feel for where he really stands on things unless he tells it to you straight. Has a little bit of a flair for politicking, if his work with the centaurs is any indication. Well, better him than me.”

Lissi – “Little Ms. Artillery Fire. I don’t have a damned clue what to make of Lissi, other than under no circumstances am I to ever, ever give her a reason to blow me up. I’ve heard her make a few odd references to home, so she’s obviously not from around here, which only makes the mystery around her that much greater. She’s got something going on with the local Fey, kind of a favored, adopted daughter of the forest sort of thing. She definitely sees things more from their perspective than the local civilization, as far as I can tell… which isn’t saying much, really. She’s about as confusing as a puzzle box that’s about to blow up and you don’t know the rules to solve it.”

Nessa – “*Swears in Aklo*. Nessa Tyrundalin is probably the biggest personality in this little band of adventurer’s I’ve been tagging along with, and is probably going to give me gray hair before my next birthday. Amorous doesn’t even begin to describe this girl. I’m not really familiar with the tenets of Calistria, but if all of her followers are like Ms. Tyrundalin, I can’t for the life of me figure out why there aren’t more of them. And no, I don’t mean that in terms of the religion spreading by popular merit. Nessa is even more loose lipped with her opinion than I am, which is saying something, I think. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised to wake up one morning and find half of the group engaged in an orgy with the red-haired half-elf the grinning instigator. Now, don’t get me wrong here, I actually am a little fond of the bard, but she is what she is… and that tends to lead to me turning into a sputtering moron in general conversation.”

Nevarr – “The little frog-man? He’s too hard on himself. He’s got something of a severe personality to him, he holds everyone around him to high standards, and holds himself even higher. I actually worry for him, a bit. At the rate things are going, I can’t help but wonder if he’ll be able to handle the stress as the enemy causes more tragedies and commits more atrocities. I know he doesn’t trust me, but I’ll be patient with him. He doesn’t need me adding to his problems when he already has so much to deal with.”

Character Relationships – Thomas Uristral; Non-Players

Aripha and Maligorn – “The leaders, or arbiters of the conclave. I’m not really sure which it is they really are in relation to the whole farce, but regardless, the two of them mark the obvious authority of the organized resistance to the Fellnight Horde. Both of them have an air of arrogance and casual bigotry towards non-fey that is rather off-putting, and quite honestly, if it wasn’t for the circumstances I doubt I’d like much to interact with either of them. The fact that they seemed amazed that I was smart enough to know that strip logging the main source of timber for a country without properly maintaining it was somewhat insulting in retrospect, but then, to be fair to them, the people doing just that do tend to justify their reaction.”

Bluebell – “As if Nessa needed a sidekick, now we have Bluebell… a pixie who seems to have a fascination with stalking me, no less. I’m still not sure which of them carries more promiscuous intentions towards the world in general… you could say that the jury is still out on the subject. She’s every bit as whimsical as the title of fairy would suggest. Ultimately, it’s obvious she’s to be our watcher for the conclave – their eyes, ears, and possibly even executioner if they deem it necessary – but I don’t think she means any of us harm on a personal level. Well, unless you count helping Nessa in the task of making me look like a sputtering fool harm, anyway.”

Devarre – “If I had my choice on the subject, it would be Devarre acting as Arbiter of the conclave, not Aripha and Maligorn. Not because he’s a humanoid… honestly, the green skinned man seems more Fey to me at this point than humanoid, but because he lacks the hardened arrogance of the conclave’s actual leadership. I haven’t really talked to the druid much, so I don’t have any real idea what he’s like on a personal level, but at least he doesn’t consistently look down on all of us like us being present is some kind of mistake.”

Session 10 - The Road
An unexpected stop

After meeting with Devarre, Aripha, Maligorn and Vinroot, the characters use the Trust of the Bloduwedd and transition themselves along Foresthawk rangers Merrick and Tess’ara as close as they can to the location of the second wardstones. The rangers then lead the group ever south towards the road from Bellis further west into the forest.

The beginning of the journey was uneventful, until the group ran afoul of a Tendriculos, a corrupted plant creature that appears when the borders of the First World and the material plane grow thin. With a might bite, the creature grasped Jeriel and poised to swallow him, but a sustained attack from the others brought the creature low before any true harm befell the inqusitior.

Futher south, the characters found the road and turned west, following it until they encountered a family of four fleeing Bellis, afraid of the mist and horrible creatures waiting to pounce on the town. Their wagon was stuck in a patch of mud on the road, but thanks to the assistance of the good-hearted adventurers, the wagon was freed and the family was convinced to return to Bellis for their own safety. Jana asked them to tell Mayor Tell and Elyin Usage that they were alive and working on the problem of the Fellnight Fey.

The group continued west on the road and blundered into a crude barricade set up by ogres and a harpy of the Greenfire Covenant. It quickly became clear the monsters were ambushing weary travelers on the road and consuming them. With anger and justification, the group decended upon the small road blockade and after a small battle, eliminated the ogres and managed to capture their harpy leader as she flew off, thanks to Nessa riding her giant wasp and the help of an unexpected ally.

Bluebell, a nude, blue-haired and blue-winged pixie appeared and introducted herself to the group, informing them that the harpy was put to sleep with a special sleep arrow. Upon investigation of the barricade, the body of a recently-slain Blackbark Orc and a Foresthawk Ranger from Bellis were found, the latter partially consumed by the vicious harpy. A note was found in his pocket that indicated he was carrying a message to the Andoran Military:

Legionnaire-Commander Karin,

The author of this letter is Mayor Brigrim Tell of Bellis, and I urgently request your help. Bellis is currently facing an unknown threat from the depths of the Verduran. A strange mist has blanketed the town and much of the north western forest. With it came a small attack on a wedding one of our people were having. A gnome, a former resident of Bellis named Tenzenkil Braybittle brought forth strange, plant-like gnome creatures that could grow thorns from their body and use them at deadly range or as whip-like appendages. We were fortunate the wedding guests included a group of capable adventurers who defeated the attack. Tenzenkil escaped and issued a proclamation of death upon Bellis, indicating the “Fellnight Queen” will descend upon the town and destroy us all.

We sent the group of adventurers that helped us at the wedding into the forest at the behest of Elyin Ursage, a retired ranger of the Foresthawks. He believed that a reclusive druid of the Wildwood Lodge, a man named Devarre, could shed some light on what the “Fellnight Queen” was and how to stop her. I know Andoran and Lodge relations are not very high at this time, but we needed all the help we could get.

Unfortunately, that group of adventurers has not returned nor have they given any indication that they will. I can only assume they have perished with whatever terrors are awaiting us in the woods.

To make matters worse, a representative of Taldor has docked at Bellis, demanding to know why the mist that’s growing over the forest is originating in Andoran territory and has commented several times on an “Andoran plot”, and my reassurances that we are not involved have not calmed his questioning.

We are preparing a defense for whatever foes await us, but it may not be enough. I would request a contingent of men from your posting to reinforce Bellis as soon as possible. I have sent additional messages down the Sellen, but you are the closest force available. Should Bellis fall, thousands of good souls will be lost, and I don’t have to tell you how far behind the shipyards would be without our wood.

Yours with respect,

Mayor Brigrim Tell.

The group then began digging graves for the slain orc and ranger, while deciding how to handle the interrogation of the harpy.

Session 9 - Memories

After a quiet, but creepy night within an abandoned wooden cottage, the group awakes to an eerie, ruined Lumber Consortium logging camp. A detailed investigation of the location revealed an intense struggle between Fellight creatures and the local loggers. A total of four bodies were found rotting and decomposing, but about twenty bunks were found in all, leaving approximately sixteen lumberjacks unaccounted for.

Most disturbing was the effect the site had on Thomas. He received many random, jumbled images…memories, when investigating the camp. Sights, smells, laughs and sorrow all overwhelmed him, but the oracle did remember one thing for certain; he once lived here.

After burying the bodies and aquiring anything of value, the group returned to the Conclave and reported on their success at Dead Man’s Drop. The wardstones were given to the care of Aripha and the characters rested for several hours before the Conclave leaders met in their second meeting.

Thanks to the instance of the group in the last meeting, Merrick and his sister Tess’ara were present reprenting the Foresthawks. The discussions that began were varied and not very diplomatic. Comments by several characters almost had them ejected from the Conclave leaders, but it became quite obvious that Oreius Dawnsprinter was hiding his true motifs, especially in regards to his people’s “assistance” in the war effort.

Soon, Devarre revealed to all that his divinations with nature revealed the location of the second group of wardstones; deep underground. Through the minor details presented by the druid, Merrick identified the site as the former lair of Dark Folk that he and his sister fought when rescuing Elyin Ursage during Bellis’ annual honey-harvesting competition two years ago. The two Foresthawk rangers volunteered to guide the group on their next task.

With half a day remaining before their next ley-line use, the characters adjurned from the meeting and began their preperations.

Session 8 - Return to the Drop
Circles and Stones

A refreshing rest was well received after the extensive and exhausting meeting with the Conclave leaders. In the morning, the group was ready to face new challenges ahead and met with Devarre once again. He confirmed that Conclave scouts at returned from Dead Man’s Drop and reported an army was present there…but no longer so. It was very quiet at the falls, but the most concerning fact was that the basin the twin falls empty into was much lower than it should be, as if the falls were filling it up once again. Devarre commented such a thing should not be possible; such a large volume of water does not simply disappear, literally overnight. Extremely concerned but undaunted with the task ahead, Devarre confirmed the group needed to return to the falls and obtain the wardstones, even if it was certainly a trap. Unforunately, Devarre’s divinations revealed that some of the wardstones had been moved since the characters were last present there, but some still remained in the waterfall’s basin.

Since time was of the essence, Devarre took them to the faerie circle in which they spoke with the Conclave leaders the previous day. There, he explained they were to receieve a very precious gift. Maligorn and Aripha of the Fey Court were waiting there, along with a strangely beautiful woman made up of vines, grass and flowers. She was introduced as Keeper Corsei, a Bloduwedd fey, a new guardian of the faengard that has imprisoned the Fellnight Queen. It was explained that the current guardian, Corsei’s mother Helia, had recently been corrupted by Rhoswen and has had a hand in her freedom. The fey lamented her condition, but also realize nothing can be done about it until all the wardstones are reclaimed. To further this goal, Corsei gifted the group with a vine taken from her body, which she named “Trust of the Bloduwedd.” T

Normally, non-fey, especially those who are not in touch with nature, would never be gifted with such a powerful item. It is woven and created using the Blodeuwedd’s own vines that make up her body.

The Trust of the Blodeuwedd can allow anyone who uses it, including multiple people, to to travel the ley lines that cross the world. In this instance, the Fey have limited their use to the Verduran Forest.

Users must all stand in the centre of a faerie ring and each hold the vine. Once done, they will feel the locations of all ley lines around them. Once the destination is chosen, one of the group simply wills themself there and they shall appear in the centre of the destination faerie ring instantly. After this is complete, one flower will fall from the vine. Once all six fall, the vine’s power is expended.

Devarre and Corsei explained how potent this gift was, and the history behind it. Shockingly, they learned these “ley lines” are the foundation of the world. They are a personficiation of the world’s natural energy and flow in tandium with that in the First World. They keep the world alive, beginning and ending at thousands of faerie rings throughout Golarion.

With their potent and precious item in hand, the group used it to transition from the Conclave faerie ring to the nearest one to Dead Man’s Drop, a half-day hike through the forest. Once they arrived, they heard a scraggly call for help. Not far away was a strange, halfling-sized turtle-like creature with a head in the shape of an open bowl. After determining there was no trap, the group assisted the creature, who’s name was Dakka. It turned out Dakka was a Kappa, a rare being that inhabit streams and rivers. He encountered a group of Fellnight Spriggans who riddled him with thorns and emptied his headbowl, which must always contain water for him to move. The cruel creatures then left him to suffer before they departed.

Thomas used his create water orison to fill the headbowl again and was thanked perfusely with a turtle hug and given a gold nugget as a tribute, before the creature went on its way.

The group journied to Dead Man’s Drop and found the situation just as Devarre explained. The mist was still presaent, but the basin was much lower with water then it should be. As they climbed down, a trio of green-brambled poisonous gargoyles swooped down and attacked. Soon after, the beguiling song of the nixie almost caused several of them to longingly jump off the waterfall, but they were sparred that fate thanks to the skillfull countersong of Nessa’s music. The gargoyles sowed temporary confusion as the breathed a magical poison upon the heroes, causing them fight one another.

After a lightly-pitched battle, the characters destroyed the plant-gargoyles and a water elemental beneath the waves of the basin. Lissi saw the foresight to cast fireballs into the water, which destroyed it. The nixie surfaced from time to time to let loose accurate arrows at Thomas, but withdrew for a time.

Thanks to Nevarr’s amphibian nature, he swam into the water to retrieve the stones. After a time of unresponsiveness, Gina and Jana went to find him, using air bubble spells cast by Thomas.

They found him in an underwater cave with the wardstones and an iron lock box, bloodied but alive. He shouted out a warning to his friends when the Nixie stabbed Gina, then quickly withdrew with a hateful sneer.

The characters gathered the wardstones; 6 in all, and the lock box before returning to the surface. As they did so, they saw the mist around the falls began to disepate, allbeit slowly. Then, with haste, they began the long trek back to the faerie ring.

Session 7 - The Conclave

The interpid heroes were settling down for a relaxing evening when a mischevious harpy flew past the group with a swarm of sprites angrily flowing, lead by a green-skinned pixie-like creature known as an Atomie. Concerned, Nevarr followed the flying creatures through the trees, finding the harpy had a small wooden cage containing two diminutive sprites. Cackling with glee at their capture, the harpy known as Kira Screamfeather was taunting the fey with their imprisoned comrades. Nevarr used a throwing star to break the cage and free the thankful Fey. The harpy then taunted the group before departing for her own camp.

The sprites gathered and thanked Nevarr, asking the group as a whole if they could “take care of” the meddlesome harpy, since Maligorn had forbidden any fey to harm anyone present. The group did not accept the task, but nor did they deny it.

A short time later, much to your surprise, Devarre and Vinroot approached the group and informed them that they were to be brought before the Conclave and allowed to speak. The druid and the treant briefed them on the various factions, warning them that the Greenfire Covenant was not to be trusted, the Riders of the Verduran unfriendly and the Foreswatcher’s as resistant to change. The adventurers were asked to elect one amongst them to speak for their diverse lot, and it was Jana the Red who was chosen for the honor.

Devarre escorted them to a beautiful glade near the Conclave clearing, in idyllic place with a sparkling pool and an ancient stone faerie ring. Awaiting in the ring were all the representatives of the Conclave. Jana took her place amongst the other leaders and a long, heated series of debates and conversations began.

Much of the initial banter was as negative as it was different. The creatures of the forest are strange in their dealings with other, switching topics and pointing fingers faster than noble circles in large metropolis’ would. Some of the factions greeted the group as friends, others politely, while still others were outright hostile and insulting. As could be expected, the latter reactions were from the forwarned Greenfire Covenant and the Riders of the Verduran.

Matters spiraled out of control for a time when Nessa replied to an insult from Celilia Greenfire, the mistress of the Greenfire Covenant with a scathing one of her own. The group did a collective facepalm and apologized perfusely for Nessa’s behaviour. This did not sit well with anyone of the Conclave, and it was only Jana’s quick thinking that averted disaster. Showing the representatives of the fey the broken cage that contained their sprites, Celilia was put on the defensive and begrudgingly let the matter with Nessa slide as long as the Court would look the other way regarding Kira Screamfeather’s actions.

Talks regained their footing after a long series of debates. With much back-and-forth fencing and reasoning, it was decided that the characters could be trusted to find the remaining wardstones at Dead Man’s Drop and return them to the Conclave. The leaders themselves then entered a tentative agreement; they would support the fight against the Fellnight fey. However, the Greenfire Covenant and the Riders of the Verduran will only send a “token” force, until the Conclave can convince or force the Blackbark Orc tribe, a nearby faction, to join in the attack. It was easily noticed during the meeting that the Rider leader Oreius takes his direction from Celilia.

Tasked with returning the wardstones, the group was given time to rest as Conclave scouts were returning from Dead Man’s Drop to report on the army encamped there.

Session 6 - Follow the River

The morning after spending the night at Devarre’s retreat, the party is given some supplies by the druid, along with spells to aid in fast movement and stealth before they begin heading north to Dead Man’s Drop. While making this journey, they find a surprising sight; an armored man face down in the dirt near hte river’s edge. By Desna’s grace he still lives and he’s slowly nursed to responsivenss. When he awakens, he reveals he knows nothing of what happened to him or how he got into the forest, let alone the river. A small arrow was found piercing his neck, and after some thought, it’s concluded he was hit by a pixie memory loss arrow. The man’s name turned out to be Thomas Uristal and the symbol of the Logging Consortium was emblazoned on his armor. The group offered shelter to Thomas and set up camp for the night, despite the disapproval of Nevarr and Werion. A patch of rare spirit moss was found at their campsite, but the attempt at harveting the fickle plant proved to kill it instead.

After a night’s rest, the party continued north to Dead Man’s Drop where they saw a tripple waterfall and found the source of the mist; the centre of the waterfall pool was pouring it into the sky every half minute or so. As the characters approached the shore, they were ambushed by a pair of Fellnight Spriggan’s lead by a Fellnight Redcap. During the battle, they were shocked to have found Werion turned on them and attacked, savagely ripping into Jeriel. The Fellnight creatures were dispatched, and through a combination of enchantment magic, taunts, intimidation and frustration, the barbarian fell unconcious. It was unclear exactly what happened to him, but it was assumed that he became possessed by the malevolant will-o’-wisp Gossamere, who was recently driven out of Devarre.

The group proceeded to the water’s edge with a bound and unconcious ally when they found a grey-skinned Nixie in the pool they were investigating. She seemed friendly at first, but Thomas felt she was hiding something. When the next gust of mist flew out of the water and obscured sight, the nixie disappeared and used a chilling enchanting song to draw Nessa, Nevarr, Gina and Thomas into the cold liquid. Gina and Thomas were swept away by a strangely-moving vortex until they fell of a 30 foot high waterfall.

As the characters attempted to get their barings, the voice of Tenzekil Braybittle announced itself, along with a virtual army of Fellnight creatures. The party was forced to flee against such numbers, and to their amazement, Palomier and four of his unicorns arrived and carried the group away from the battle, teleporting them to a gathering of good fey creatures and woodland denziens, preparing to battle the encroaching Fellnight army.

Session 5 - The Introduction
New Introductions

After recovering from the Shadow Mastiff attack in the woods, the party finally arrives at the location described to them by Fira. There, they found an interesting sight – a grippli druid named Nevarr, who was also looking for the reclusive druid. Jana used a charge of the Lotus of Purple Fey to reveal a small cabin and three large monoliths rising high into the air.

Inside the cabin, Devarre was found sitting idly in a chair, and he bid the party a strange welcome. While introductions were taking place, Jeriel and Nevarr found the druid’s heaviour to be quite odd and countering. When they demanded answers, Devarre assaulted Nevarr, but was quickly knocked down and pinned by the others.

Without warning, a purple/blue ball of light emerged from the druid’s body, taking several hits by the startled characters before escaping into the air, disappearing from sight. Shocked and bewildered, the party then spoke to the real Devarre who revealed much information regarding the Fellnight Fey.

The possessing creature was a will-o’-wisp named Gossamere who forced him to dig traps near his home to capture animals and torture them, as well as to destroy the monoliths, but Devarre lacked the power to achieve this last feat. Devarre informed the party that the monoliths are pillars that serve as a collective anchoring point created by the First World fey to separate Rhoswen’s Fellnight Realm into its own demiplane. Each stone corresponds to one of the three planes involved in the process; the material plane, the First World, and the Shadow Plane. A sister site also exists in the First World and together, they project the Fellnight Realm into closer proximity with the Shadow Plane and away from the other two. Additionally, he related a legend told to him by First World Fey regarding Queen Rhoswen:

Queen Rhoswen was a young fey queen of the First World that sought to expand her power by blending shadow magic with fey sorcery. Her efforts lead to a gloom-shrouded valley with trees as tall as mountains. Rhoswen named this the Fellnight Realm and made it her lair, twisting every living creature with her shadow-sorcery. In disgust, other beings of the First World severed her lands from their own, trapping her in her own demiplane where she has languished ever since, seething at the insult.

Devarre also took time to commune with nature and find the location of the mysterious mist plaguing the forest; “Dead Man’s Drop”, from the upper pool near one of the twin waterfalls. Several stones within a cave under water are the cause of the mist. The druid directed them to follow the river from his home north.

The party convinced the druid-hermit to allow them to stay for the night, to guard him from a possible counter attack from the escaping Gossamere. Although relcutant to do so, Devarre agreed. In the morning, the party will head to Dead Man’s Drop, while Devarre will go in search of the First World Fey.


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