Session 4 - The Unexpected

After spending the night guarding Fira and her tree, Palomier returns with promised reinforcements, Serin a surly Wood Giant, Talltail the blink dog and two of his pack mates. Once a tense introduction is completed and questions raised about a momentarily invisible flutter, these new arrivals and friends of Fira take over the guardianship of her tree and the party moves further west to find the elusive Devarre.

A half day into their travels, Jana finds a fairly obvious pit trap that is bated with a honey-covered shoe on an old, overgrown cobble path. The trap is quickly rendered inert and the party continues on, curious as to who would place such a trap in the middle of nowhere.

Towards the end of the day, the group is almost run over; quite literally, but an unexpected falling tree, which turns out to be an extremely inebriated treant called Vinroot. The forest warden staggered and stumbled, alternating between apologetic and hostile, attacking the heroes and holding his anger before falling unconcious from his alcholoic consumption. Jeriel is able to deduce the cause of his drunkeness is a treant alchoholic creation called nodrim. After sobering the treant, the characters learn a little more of the mysterious Fellnight fey, ascertaining that their leader is a sorceress named Rhoswen, and she was bound to her prison by the faengard, a ward placed by other fey creatures of the world. The only way for the Fellnight creatures to plague the world is if the faengard was somehow breached.

After leaving the company of Vinroot, the party continues west until its time to rest for the night. During the first few hours of rest, three shadow mastiff’s charged out of the mist, their frightful howls splitting the party, almost causing Gina’s demise as the pack closed in on her. Like experienced adventurers, the group rallied and slayed the shadow mastiffs to a hound, tossing their bodies over a nearby cliff, bewildered by the attack. Were they the intended targets of the beasts, or where they just simply in the way of something else?

They didn’t have an answer.

Session 3 - Into the Mist

After accepting a plea from Elyin and the council of Bellis, you agreed to venture out into the mist and find the druid Devarre of the Wildwood Lodge. Elyin knows he would have a good idea who the “Fellnight” fey would be and where the plant-gnomes and mist were originating from. Unforunately, finding the reclusive hermit in the mist would not be easy.

After gathering needed supplies and gaining a night’s rest, you meet Elyin and the mayor in the Hall of the Foresters before you set on your journey. Elyin provides you a generalized map of the area for approximately 120 miles and you head out to the forest via the west road out of town.

A day of traveling brought you into contact with a surly dire bear that apparently recently fed on some honey at a giant bee hive. True to his ability, Werion engaged the large bear in a grapple and bested the creature, while Jeriel scarred it off with a dazzling display with his morningstar.

After settling down for the night, you were were awoken from your slumber by an injured dryad who appeared from a nearby oak tree. She begged for your help in saving her sisters who’s tree’s were being destroyed by spriggans. As she delievered this message, she perished before your eyes, her own tree having being chopped to splinters.

Following the dying dryad’s directions, you made it to the grove she shared with her sisters and found a huge bonfire lighting the sky and buring away the mist. Three spriggans and three fey creatures were busy mocking and injuring a bound unicorn and surviving dryad. The leader of the group, a redcap fey with a shadowy countance, threatned the life of the helpless unicorn and demanded surrender. You feined this long enough to get close before Nessa unleashed her wasp figurine on the enemy.

A deadly battle ensued but the fey and their spriggans were no match for you. The redcap, a strange twig-like fey and a spriggan fell before your assault but the rest wisely retreated. You released the unicorn and dryad from their bonds, the forest creatures staring at you with thanks and wonder.

It was time to camp and learn.

Session 2 - A Wedding to Remember (Part 2)

Shortly after the ceremony began, the pleasent union was interrupted by a swarm of vicious bees. The guests scattered in all directions, assaulted by vermin with the ability to cause more damage than their mindlessness would suggest. Using quick action and clearing commoners from the area, you made short work of the killer bees.

Only a few moments were available for respite, as Tezenkil Braybrittle declared a threat of death and destruction from somewhere in the nearby forest. Three strange, gnome-like plant creatures sprang forth and attacked the Foresthawks, Elyin and even you before swiftly being put down by the vengeful guests.

A dread mist then crept up over Bellis, making the words of the Bleaching gnome come true. The council deliberated and needed people to find out more of what was out there.

They turned to those who helped defend the ceremony.

They turned to you.

Session 1 - A Wedding to Remember (Part 1)
Session 1 Part 1: A Wedding to Remember

The frontier town of Bellis stands within the quiet shade of the Verduran Forest, nestled along the western banks of the slow-moving Sellen River. The town is was celebrating the wedding between retired ranger Elyin Ursage and his new bride, Kailah Winmede. Festivities for the wedding stretched from the stone chapel and rose gardens of Shelyn, past a large open-air tent and down to the sun-drenched, tree-lined banks of Stillwater Creek. Music and laughter filled the air, with partygoers calling out for attendees to join their games and merrymaking.

Nessa arrived in Bellis to witness her half-brother’s marriage, Weiron, a longtime friend of the ranger made a rare appearance in town for it, Lissi to deliver a gift from her employer to the happy couple, while Jana was a party crasher simply enjoying what’s offered during the celebration. Telnarn had come for completely different reasons; to see one of Iomede’s followers while Jeriel was simply passing through. Fortunately for the wedding crashers, several signs show that the wedding was an open invitation to all.

Each of the unique travelers met for the first time while giving their well-wishes to the marrying couple. Some flirtatious conversations ensued between Nessa, Lissi and Jana, and Nessa saved the gnome bridesmaid Lumi Reasonknot from the attentions of another gnome named Tenzekil who was suffering the bleaching. A long-standing tradition in Bellis states the bridesmaids of a wedding party create unique and tasty desserts, which are then auctioned off to create a dowry for the upcoming bride. The winners of such auctions then have the company of the lovely woman for the rest of the day. Tenzekil attempt to bid on Lumi’s, but Nessa saved her by outbidding the white gnome. With the angry stomping of feet, Tenzekil left the party and entered the woods. Concerned for the gnome’s safety and Elyin’s, Telnarn and Werion attempted to follow the gnome, but no trace of him was found in the forest.

The party continued with many people dancing, eating and being merry. Halak, the half-orc blacksmith, attempted to organize a horseshoe tournament, but many were relcutant to participate thanks to his grim visage and orcish face paint. However, the soothing and inspirational words from Jeriel and Telnarn gathered enough participants that the tournament was indeed held. Werion one the tournament and its prize; 25 gold pieces and a potion of cure light wounds.

Soon it was announced that the ceremony was about to begin. All the guests gathered infront of the gazebo and awaited the bride and groom.

It was a good day for a wedding.


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