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  • Warden's Hillock

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/243356/forestclearingforweb_small.jpg(Forestclearingforweb small)! _Warden's Hillock_ The Warden's Hillock (or just hillock, as it is known) is the main connection point between Golarion and the [[The Fellnight …

  • Fira

    Little is known of the dryad Fira other than she was the eldest of several dryad sisters who all lived together in a sheltered grove approximately 12 miles west of [[Bellis | Bellis]]. Her sisters were all slain by the encroaching Fellnight Fey and their …

  • Maligorn

    Maligorn is one of two representatives of the Fey Court in the Verduran. Along with his consort, the nymph Aripha, he speaks for the forest as far as the good and neutral aligned fey are concerned.

  • Aripha

    Aripha is one of two representatives of the Fey Court in the Verduran Forest. Along with the satyr Maligorn (who is her lover), they speak for the good and neutral aligned fey of the forest.

  • Warden Halia

    Warden Halia was the most recent in a long line of blodewedd guardians who's primary task was to guard the [[Warden's Hillock | Warden's Hillock]] and the entrance of the [[The Fellnight Realm | Fellnight Realm]] to prevent the Fellnight Queen and her …

  • Warden Corsei

    Corsei is the new Warden that now guards the [[Warden's Hillock | Warden's Hillock]] in the north western Verduran Forest. Her mother, [[:warden-halia | Warden Halia]], had been grooming her daughter to take upon this charge once she was ready to be able …