General Rules

The following below sections are considered ‘general’ rules, affecting our gaming program, house rules, etc. For custom or modified content of campaign systems, please see the Campaign Content page.

D20 Pro Rules

The following rules alterations are in place mostly due to the limitations of d20 pro:

Companion Initiative Order – Familiars, Animal Companions or other such creatures go on the initiative present in the initiative window, not automatically at the same time as their owner. The companion or PC may delay if desired to move closer to their connecting partner’s initiative count.

House Rules

Situational Fear – The DM may declare certain monsters, situations or actions as particularly frightening. In such cases, all characters must roll a Will save (DC varies according to the situation) and be shaken or frightened (depending on the effect). A natural 1 rolled during this save gives the character the panicked condition for three rounds.

Standing from Prone – A creature can stand from prone without provoking an attack of opportunity if rolling between 1-20 on a d100.

Teleport/Greater Teleport – This spell is modified. It can be used as normal to teleport to any place you can physically see with your own eyes (not through scrying spells or the like). It can also be used to teleport to distant locals, but the spell takes 10 minutes to cast in this fashion, and you can only go where you have been before.


In Ascendancy, XP is awarded based on participation as much as it is in combat. Every forum post, Skype RP log, adventure log, character journal, character profile update, etc, gains you XP. The more you participate, the more XP you earn.

In this campaign, XP is not designed to be equal in this fashion. If one player contributes more to the game than another, the participating player will most likely level at a faster rate than the one that does not. Non-participating players do not loose XP, they simply don’t gain any extra.

During d20pro sessions, character make encounter XP per encounter (if combat) or are assigned a total number based on the RP involved (by everyone during non-combat). If you do not arrive at a session, you gain no XP, while if you leave early you gain an appropriate amount based on what you were present to participate for.


If you have a prepared spell list (like wizard or cleric) you MUST submit to me your spell-list at the start of the session. If one is not shown to me (ie, linked, copy-pasted, etc) then you will use your standard list, which cannot be changed once the session begins.


Regular, non-magical ammunition for ranged weapons does not need to be tracked. Specialized ammunition, such as bullets that count as a particular type of material, magical arrows, etc, must be tracked and are expendable as normal.

Spell Components

Spell components are ignored unless they cost a considerable amount. GM as final decision on what constitutes ‘considerable’.


Not all items a creature has are obtainable. Irrelevant, mundane items such as non-magical weapons (even some masterwork weapons), armor or basic equipment is generally non-obtainable. To compensate, players are awarded more unique treasure based on the adventure at hand. For example, if fighting several basic thugs (regardless of level) armed with masterwork weapons and basic armor, this gear is non-lootable and “glossed” over. The next encounter, the ruffian’s boss, may have magical equipment or a large amount of booty stored in a nearby room that in total, roughly equals the amount the thugs and boss would have per their encounter ratings.

Game Pace

To keep the game moving, you have 2 minutes to conduct your turn. If you are idle during this two minutes, the GM reserves the right to either take control of your character and act on your behalf, or end your current turn. There is to be no complaining if this happens, since the pace must keep moving.


If you need to step away from the game, that’s fine. Please let us know you’re going AFK and for approximately how long, and if you want the GM to control your character or not during your absence. You will be considered AFK until you announce your return, and should you not stipulate you want your character controlled, your turn may be skipped until you return.

Judgement Calls

Sometimes during the course of a session, the GM has to make a judgement call which may not seem fair or break the rules. Please realize that this is not meant to screw you over or play on your heart strings in any way. It is simply a “call on the fly” or used to propell the story forward.

Comments and Complaints

I have made mistakes in the past and if I make one (such as a judgement call above) you are more than welcome to talk to me about it and discuss it. However, this must be done with respect and over private conversation such as Skype. The discussion may reverse the decision into something else, or it may result in it leaving it as is. I don’t mind if you want to talk about it, but don’t do so in game.

GM’s Decision is Final

The GM’s decision is final in all respects. This is non-negotiable if discussion fails.


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