Twisted Mire


This inland swamp is approximately 12 miles north of Bellis. It is fed from a run off of the Sellen River that twists and turns into a confusing marshland approximately ten miles in diameter.

The Twisted Mire is the territory of the Mire Lord, a reportedly shambling mound type creature that protects this area marshland. It is also the home of shambling mounds, will-o’-wisps and boggards, most of whom owe their alliance to the Mire Lord, . Few creatures venture to the mire, though brave loggers of the Logging Consortium sometimes attempt to harvest the large blackwood trees on the edge of the swamp. They are usually met with deadly force by those loyal to the Mire Lord.

The druid Devarre divined that the third set of wardstones are somewhere in the Twisted Mire and has gone to retrieve them for the Conclave, having had past experience with the Mire Lord.

Important Locations
Blackgold Keep

Twisted Mire

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