Verduran Forest

The Verduran Forest is one of the largest woodlands in Avistan, and straddles the borders between Andoran, Taldor, and Galt. Despite standing within the boundaries of these powerful nations, the druids of the forest maintain a high level of autonomy within it, especially in Taldor.

The Verduran in Andoran

In the Andoren part of the forest, druids and fey are in a constant friction with loggers and woodsmen, and the two sides frequently come to blows. Logging is a major industry of Andoran, which is comfortable allowing the wholesale logging of forests. Much of the Andoren portion of the forest is controlled by the powerful Lumber Consortium, whose cruelty and greed keep the poor citizens of Bellis firmly in their grasp. In contrast with this exploitative zeal, the inhabitants of the hamlet of Fusil made a pact with the druids and fey-folk in the forest generations ago, allowing them to live peacefully within the forest, as long as they don’t cut down a single tree.

The Verduran in Taldor

Thanks to the Treaty of the Wildwood, signed between the native druids of the Wildwood Lodge and the Taldan empire in 3841 AR, a balance was reached between Taldor’s need for timber and the druid’s preservationist agenda. The druids’ headquarters are located on the Isle of Arenway, at the confluence of the Verduran Fork and Sellen River in the heart of the forest. The Wildwood Lodge allowed gnomes to build the settlement of Wispil in the forest in order to establish a lumber industry overseen by the druids. It now provides raw timber for the Imperial Naval Shipyards at Cassomir.

Creatures of the Verduran

Though the Wildwood druids watch over the forest, it nevertheless presents many dangers, including ettercaps, savage fey, dragons, and river pirates along both the Sellen and Verduran Fork.


The Verduran forest as few settlements for a wood of its immense size.

Highgrove Vale

Other Locations

Far more numerous are the areas of adventure or interest present in the woods.

Dead Man’s Drop
Devarre’s Retreat
Ruined Calistrian Temple
The Twisted Mire
Blackgold Keep
Warden’s Hillock

Verduran Forest

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