Session 14 - In Bellis

Excerpt from Jana’s adventure journal

Arrived in Bellis and were quickly whisked into an impromptu council meeting where we were debriefed. We told them all about what we been doing, except we didn’t mention the ward stones exactly by name. I’m not sure if that’s something the conclave will want known to much. Most of the council seems nice and helpful, but of course there’s always one jerk. This jerk is named Ulfas and not to shocking he’s the head of the Lumber Consortium in Bellis. Thankfully it seems his word carries little weight with the other council men and he is often in the minority of opinion.

Spent the next few days in Bellis, relaxing. I had an idea to try and start up a lumber plantation, and went poking around for information on the lumber industry. How much lumber is produced, the cost to produce, revenue, expenses, that sort of thing. I did find out Bellis ships out about a hundred thousand logs each year, but I’ve not been able to find any of the financial figures. I might have to resort to more sneaky methods to find that out.

Second day in Bellis, the troops have arrived. 250 experienced solders from the Eagle Knights and regulars. However, despite this influx of troops, Telnarn’s divination reveal it might not be enough. What’s worse, is we haven’t heard from Deverre and Telnarn’s divination reveal the ward stones might be lost. Well, I received the bird token we gave him, but it had no note. I’m not sure how to interpret that.

We had an emergency council meeting to discuss the divination. It looks like the council is willing to come to terms with the Conclave and negotiate for their help. Elyin and an eagle knight will be coming along to negotiate on behalf of Bellis and Andoran. The conclave will not be happy when they see these two others appear with us through their fey line network.

Lem is attempting to scry on Deverre and the druids. We might have to go save him first before heading back to the Conclave. It would make negotiations go a lot smoother if we had the last wardstones in hand when we negotiated. It would also make the fight easier without all the mist around Bellis. Let’s hope this route is still possible.

We have three days until the attack and plenty to do in that time.



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