Morning Wood

This small bordello is the only one in Bellis located west of the Pit. It was once owned and run by the prostitute Nia, but was purchased by Nessa shortly after the Battle of Bellis. Nessa has kept on Nia as the bordello’s manager, who in turn employs five other women in a small two story building. The staff usually cater to the seasonal loggers that make up the residents of the Pit, along with various other citizens who wish to keep their activities discreet. To assist with the latter, they have a system set up to help keep client’s identities secret. A tunnel leads from the basement of the building to a back room in the Tools of the Trade. Junkle co-operates with Nessa and Nia in this regard and makes a small sum of money facilitating its use. Nessa also uses the bordello as her residence within Bellis.

Downtime Information

Morning Wood (Bordello)
Rooms 1 sauna, 1 escape route, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1 lavatory
Manager Nia (2/gp day, ‘Innkeeper’)

  • +3 gp or influence (sauna)
  • +9 gp or influence (bedrooms)
  • +3 gp or influence (bath)


  • Sauna: Using a sauna for an hour grants a person a +1 bonus on saving throws to overcome ongoing diseases (but not saves to resist contracting diseases) and a +1 bonus on saving throws to recover from negative levels. This bonus goes away after 24 hours.
  • Bath: After spending 1 hour in this room, you gain a +2 bonus on your next ongoing Fortitude save against disease
  • Escape Route: This tunnel leads into a hidden exit from the building, into the Tools of the Trade. The exit is a simple wooden door with an average lock (DC 20 to open).

Morning Wood Prostitutes
Teams 1 scofflaw team (5 people)

  • +2 gp, goods or influence (scofflaws)

Manager Nia (2/gp day, ‘Innkeeper’ | Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Knowledge (Local), Profession (prostitute))

Morning Wood

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